“Gordon brings a wealth of knowledge, practical experience and proven methodologies to the table.”

Success Coaching, Skills And Sales Coaching

Thonemans Services, Melbourne can demonstrate an outstanding history of coaching success across a variety of industries, professions and levels. Gordon Smith, owner and manager of Thonemans Services is an accredited coaching professional, with over 20 years’ experience as a mentor and coach.

Gordon brings a wealth of knowledge, practical experience and proven methodologies to the table. Thonemans Services can offer organisations the possibility of increasing personnel performance by optimising their work behaviours and sustaining such improvements through success coaching or sales coaching.

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Thonemans Services, Melbourne are also experts in Leadership Coaching, and our processes and solutions can dramatically increase your key executive’s and manager’s ability to lead and influence. Outcomes include; understanding leadership, developing professional skills, creating followership, leadership in conflict resolution, self-leadership skills, working with board members, facilitation of key decisions, building and transcending organisational structures and more.

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