About us

Strategy, Sales & Management Consulting.

“Helping you drive and elevate your business performance by sustainably increasing profitable sales. This is our focus and our passion”. Gordon Smith – Thonemans Services (Director/Owner).

I founded Thonemans Services in Melbourne in 2000 to deliver business support services which add tangible value to my clients at an individual and/or oganisational level. Our core principles, or mantras, are ‘Creating Clarity’ through effective consulting, ‘Building Skills’ through effective and targeted training and ‘Driving Success’ via comprehensive business coaching, business strategy, support and value-based client engagements.

The Thonemans Services logo accurately depicts my desired outcome for an individual or organisation, in that their actions spread ‘ripples’ of impact far and wide from the centre point of the intervention. Business coaching, consulting and training are such interventions, and the effects of implementing these tools within a business can have exceptional, widespread outcomes. 

The company name itself has its own meaning and associations with our mantra. The-One-Man’s (Thonemans) Services lends itself to the concept of single interventions; interventions in the correct place and at the correct time bringing on widespread change, growth and success.

As a former Managing Director, General Manager and Operations Manager, I have extensive local and international experience in general management, sales, marketing, customer service, business strategy, business coaching and training. I have led major corporate teams and have a very strong track record of success in both high-level corporate and smaller business markets. My success stretches across many industries, with a particularly strong track record of success working with IT&T companies such as IBM and Optus. 

I am well known for ‘painting the picture’ and using that in motivating people and then assisting them in the achievement of their goals. I am recognized as an effective driver and champion of change in many organisational development projects, solutions and tasks. These include  product launches, business strategy, business turnarounds and business change, company restructures, program rollouts and process change/process re-engineering.

  • Accredited in several Sales Methodologies and Processes. 
  • Ultra-effective Sales Enablement Training, Strategy Consulting Techniques and Processes Developed In-house in Melbourne. 
  • Contributor to and Distributor of Stimare – e-learning and m-learning based ‘Sales Enablement’ Community’. (The smarter way of delivering ongoing training and support to sales people at all skill levels in businesses and organisations of all sizes, in all sectors and industries.)
  • Programs developed by Thonemans Services are now used by several thousand small businesses around the world
  • Business Strategy & Strategy Consulting
  • Sales Enablement, Team and Process Development
  • Training and Employee Development
  • Individual & Business Coaching

Thonemans Services is a lean operating organization backed with the full power of bigger organisations and business through its widespread networks of associates in Melbourne and throughout Australia. These networks allow me to support clients with the resources, tools and methodologies they require, as well as adding value or reaching out to client’s who otherwise wouldn’t be accessible.

I became an Accredited Associate (later appointed a Fellow) of the Institute for Independent Business; an international network of around 6000 highly experienced business men and women able to support businesses of all sizes in all business disciplines. 

It is a great feeling to sit in front of a client in any industry, with any sized business, and know that I have resources such that I can truthfully say “Yes I can help you, regardless of what the problem is!” 

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